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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Come into my parlor...

Annoying-Idiot guy came BACK! How he dares... He sat down at the reference desk and pulled out another sheet of citations. Wouldn't let me start one search before trying to get me to do another. Two citations were grossly incorrect... One I found for him - finally - in a journal, look to see if we have it... Oh, its checked out... to HIM! "Oh, wait, is that the volume I got yesterday?"

Then, THEN he makes me fill out his stupid ILL requests AGAIN!
ME: "Let me show you again how to do the first one, then you can do the others from home."
Reply: "No, you do them all. I can't use computers."
Me: after some pausing to beging the survey, "So, which department are you a PhD in?"
Him: "Engineering."
Me: "And you don't use computers? Isn't that hard to do in your field?"

This guy - GRARGH! - he's in the engineering school, looking for articles found in journals at the business library and HEY! MY library is NEITHER of those!! Go away!

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Did he really say I CAN'T use computers? I wonder if he meant I WON'T use computers?
I thought the Luddites were dead. Hmm.
That's a good question to ask someone applying to Ph.D programs. Do you have an objection to using computers?

By Blogger Nike, at 2:55 PM  

He said "can't" but he clearly mean "won't". 'Cause I kept saying "Let me show you how" and he would say "No. You do it."

If I see him again, he's out of luck!

By Blogger Loki, at 9:01 AM  

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