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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Karma works

Really. I was not a believer until recently. Despite claims to the contrary by those who know. It's something you have to experience for yourself.
I get an e-mail (double forward I hate those) from a co-worker who will remain clueless, asking about certain materials which were overdue. It seems that these things were sent out on ILL, but they were not on the ILL account. Which confused many people here. So these confused people made me check. So I go through my files and see. Yep, returned way before they needed too. I love that. And I look on the last transaction for all of them. Checked out a week before I get the e-mail. Hmm, that's suspicious.
So I send the e-mail with my findings. And the very next day I get a note saying "Oops, my fault. I didn't realize that I checked them out for a patron on my account and he didn't return them on time."

This person has been warned many times not to do this. Yet it continues. Anyone with a sob story can get rare books, restricted materials, film, ILL books from anywhere and get this staff member to put them on her account and then walk out with them.
Drives my boss up a wall. Especially when the book or whatever is recalled and the staff member has no idea where it is.
This time she got caught. HA!
See Karma at work.
I believe!

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