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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


How can someone possibly think that being an ass will help them get what they want?

When you complain about fines, starting off by saying "you are wrong remove this fine" is NOT going to get you immediate obedience. I work in a library, not Walmart - the customer is not always right.

Now, when I reply to your complaint with detailed evidence of how the fine is NOT incorrect and if you want to further protest you must follow -blank- procedures, responding with "you are wrong, I'm not going to follow that procedure" is getting you squat.

Oh yes, and if you decide to start lying halfway through the process be less obvious. When I ask you when you 'supposedly returned the item" and you say "at the due time" and I then tell you we know for a fact you didn't return it them - you can't go back and change the time. "Oh, I mean 2 hours before that"

Liar Liar Pants on Fire! Pay the fine or your ID will expire!

(...Oh, and giving yourself a fancy title after your name in emails to make it seem like you are a professor isn't going to work either. I have access to your account. I know that you are and undergraduate student.)

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