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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Reserve list classes

I want to have mandatory reserve list training for all professors everywhere.
Now before you all think that's a crazy idea hear me out.
First of all we would have a due date for the lists. When you get the e-mail, you have two weeks in which to submit a list. Any list. Even a partial one would pacify me.
After the two weeks were up and you hadn't submitted the list you would get fined. $50 a day seems reasonable to me.
Then they would have instruction on how to write a list. Author, title in capital letters, publisher and year. Call number is optional but appreciated. The list would have to be double spaced as well.
And most importantly they are not allowed to tell the class that the books are on reserve until they actually are!!!!!!!!!
The reason for all of these guidelines? Well so far we have six reserve list submitted. We will have less than a week to do all the lists for spring semester. And those that do submit early lists(with a few notable exceptions) have hard to read crammed lists with typos in the call numbers(oh yeah that's fun), the class numbers are missing or mixed up. Or they have a popular title with an equally generic author name. So you get to guess what book they want.
And then professors will list all the reserve books on the syllabus and not submit the list to us until after the first class. What happens is a mad rush to claim all the books off the shelves. It then takes WEEKS to get them back.
So a few hours once a semester would save my sanity and make life for all so much easier.

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