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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Snarky to succeed?

Today packages came for one of our librarians. LOTS of packages. The delivery guy was not a happy camper when he had to deliver them.
It took him two trips with a hand truck. Personally I think he needed a forklift.
Since no one can ever find this particular librarian when she is actually needed, I didn't bother to attempt to contact her.(note to self, bother next time) I just told him to place the items in the mail room and we'd sort them out later. Since that's what we usually do anyway.
It's not like I had time to hunt down the librarian, show the guy where she was and then actually finish helping the student/patron/trainee. All of whom were here asking questions and being needy.
Another thing I have noticed is that people around here are very needy and yet when you want to help them help themselves they get snarky. But that's another story. Maybe more than one.
Anyway, after she magically appeared(It must be that universe vibe thing.) she ordered the delivery guy to follow her to the 'right' place. Oh yeah he was jumping for joy.
Then she came back up here and told me with snarkiness galore to call her next time there was a delivery for her since she would have to move all the boxes in the mail room to the storage area. (Yeah, right)
Since I have learned my lesson with this person, I mumbled "no one can ever find you in your office anyway"
In case you were wondering this is the Karma person. I have LOTS of stories about her. Why doesn't karma work faster?

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Do what she says, call her. THEN when she is not around, have the delivery guy stack them in front of her office door - OR if you have a master key to her office, stack them inside!

Circulation is like the toilet. Everyone else in the library takes a dump on you b/c you're the only one who is always around and actually interacting with people.

By Blogger Loki, at 9:48 AM  

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