Librarian Ire

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Why have you applied for this position? It's close to my house.

Why have you applied for this (librarian) position (at a law library)? I like math.

Do you have any prior experience that has prepared you for this position? No. Next question, What do you believe will be the most challenging aspect of this positions? I don't know. Next question, Do you have any experience training peers? No. Next question, do you have any experience managing a project? No. Follow up, any kind of project? At work, in school, in a group? No. Next question, do you have and skills or experience that you feel uniquely qualify you for this position? No. Follow up, Anything? No.

Tell us about your experience training students. I train about 25 students a year in circulation, reserves, and reference. Follow up, Wow, you hire 25 new students a year in circulation? No, I don't, the circulation managers do, but I participate in their training. Follow up, what part of the training do you do? I train them on reserves. Follow up, circulation students do reserves at your library? No. They're not supposed to do any reserves.

Do you have any library experience? No. Follow up, not even studying in one? Oh. I suppose.

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