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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Dufus alert. I got some preppy schmuck halfwit at the reference desk talking about 1 word/10 seconds asking questions about things he really didn't want help with. I'm gearing up for a big meeting, so had about 10 minutes in which to do a crapload of work and get rid of this guy. The more I tried to clarify what he was oh-so-slowly saying the more bitchy he became. He's saying "If you'll be quiet I'll tell you what I did." while I am standing there - I exaggerate not, for 6 minutes while he's mumbling "Okay, I got this from here. No, wait, that's not it. I think it was this, or something like that, and I went here.. I can't find it. Do you know where that screen is, with the lists? It came from there..." and on and on. Meanwhile, he's interspersing his idiot mumblings with things like "What the hell is wrong with these things? It shouldn't be this difficult to find stuff." and "Web of Knowledge, what's that? How am I supposed to know to check my citations there?" and "What's an index? You should make this easier so people don't have to know all these things."

"Yes, sir. I believe you're right. How about I download every available electronic article so people can just ask me for them and I'll dole them out?"

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