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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I want to donate a book to your library.

Why sure, just hand it over. Oh, no. Its not that simple. This joker wants to be guaranteed that we will add this book to our collection and that it will be available for everyone to check out. Red flag in my mind. What exactly is this book? Turns out, it is a $7 book of non-scholarly merit. It has games and some pop psychology type stuff, but nothing that an academic library of our discipline would ever purchase.

Well, I inform the guy that I can't guarantee we'd add it to our collection, but we may pass it to a library on campus it would be appropriate for - maybe the education library. This is where the guy gets a little belligerent. He wants to speak with the person in charge of deciding collection development. I put them on hold. Call that person. They're gone. Inform the guy that, but say I'll try that person's superior. Hold again. They're not around either. Neither is the Director. Ok, by now the guy is super pissed. I'm not real happy either because he is vehemently insisting that he wants to speak with a person and will not leave a piecemeal and complaining bitterly about how he's trying to do us this BIG favor and we're giving him the run around. I had it, so I passed him to the woman who does book processing. She happened to be walking by the desk. I was ready to offer the guy $20 to NEVER call here again. He can keep his favors and his stupid book.

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It's crazy how many people think that their book tastes should be everyone's. And how little it fits in with what we actually do.

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