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Friday, August 12, 2005

Fleeting, fickle fame

Ah, alliteration.
So here we are less than a month before classes resume. And I have had to give out and then take away the reserve award this year.
Normally I give out 2 reserve awards. One for most items on a reserve list. There are always many contenders for this one.
A year ago we had a 20 page list. Which strangely enough got longer as the semester got shorter. I think by finals it was near 30 pages long. I swear that man was trying to kill me.
And the second one is the prestigious Nike (haha) award. It is given to the professor who turns in the most organized, concise, and timely list. Now there are several contenders for the Nike every semester. Some are new professors who, sadly, do not make a repeat appearance. Even if they win.
This year I foolishly awarded the Nike last week. This professor had turned in two reserve lists in June. They were perfect. She included the class number, class title, the call number of the books, the title and author(!) as well as publisher and year. And best of all, the 2 lists totaled 8 books. Since the 2 lists had all the requirements to award the Nike I felt justified in awarding it before the semester started.
Ah, how wrong I was. Today the former Nike reserve champion added(!!!!) 4 more books to her lists.
So we must search for another deserving faculty member who will treat this award as the honor it is. I hope we can find one. There hasn't not been a Nike winner in years. It's like cancelling the World Series.

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Found a deserving faculty member who appreciated the award for the high honor it is. Whew. It was close.

By Blogger Nike, at 10:45 PM  

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