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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Been a while

I am trying to make up for lost blogging time. Been on vacation and the hordes were surprisingly well behaved the last 2 weeks.

I see that it has been some time since I had a ILL complaint and a boss complaint. Well today it's 2 for 1!
There's nothing I like better than a 2 for 1 sale. This was a doozy.

First I get to my desk and the computer has been left on and unsecured. Now that's always fun. Since I log off and lock it down every night I know something is up. The boss has been messing with my scanning program. Well, not mine per say... But she always "forgets" to return my computer to the way she found it. But if you even breathe on hers, you hear about it for weeks. And it probably goes on your record.
And she likes to use the caps lock. Fine. But passwords are case sensitive. Which of course makes it a little DAMN hard to log in. I only use the caps lock for one thing so it's not high on the list of things to check first thing in the morning.
Next I see an e-mail from her telling me what I did on one request 2 days ago was wrong. She fixed it because she was doing ILL. I came in and there were 7 requests that came in yesterday morning. 2 that came in Tuesday night. Obviously she wasn't doing lending! And since there were six packages for ILL she wasn't doing returns either.

And the crowning glory was she called up the doctor to complain about the prescription she had picked up the day before. I really didn't care to hear why she needed it and which medication she liked. Grossed me out for the rest of the day.

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