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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Well, it's time for the move. Freak 1 has been slowly encroching on the space left to us semi-normal people.

Today I saw that her new cubicle has stuffed animals, plants, action figures and sci-fi calendars. Let me say that overall I have no problem with any of the above items in a proper place. But is the workplace really the right display area for your teddy bears, and Lord of the Rings wizard collection? (Okay I have one teddy bear but it's a keychain.)

What really bites about this whole move is the very good, organized, polite, fun, and hardworking student had to move out of the area to make room for her clutter. Which means that there is more work clutter in the aisles and on carts and on tabletops which are already crammed with stuff.
Another downside is that she is the closest to the kitchen and therefore the snacks. Talk about a snack vacuum! Sheesh. Not that I need any more sugar in my diet, but still. Sharing well was not on her kindergarten report card!

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