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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

If you want to be a weasel, I can be one too!

Somehow, a patron seems so much more stupid when they are being deliberately obtuse via email. When exactly was it that the rumor went around that librarians were dim-witted and easily out foxed?

So, this patron has sent a number of emails to us whining about a book that he has had recalled. "I'm out of the country I can't return it!" He wails. "Fine," I reply, "Until you return the book you'll be unable to use any of the library electronic stuff, renew books thus getting fines for other things, etc." I get a reply to that reply, "I'm out of the country! Its not my fault that I can't return the book, can you just give me the extension?" Sigh. "Actually it IS your fault. If you know you are going out of the country for a long period, return all your books. When you check them out you are informed that they can be recalled at any time. Penalties are automatic. Again, here is what will occur when the book moves to overdue..." AGAIN he replies, "I'm out of the country and can not return this book. Since this is not my fault, can't the penalties be waived?"

He can do this as many times as he wants, I'll just keep sending the same message back. Its annoying, but actually little work on my part, as I can just go into the sent folder and copy and paste the same reply. I'd love to try a sarcastic response like, "Why certainly we'll make exceptions for you! After all, its not your fault you didn't think ahead before going away for 2 months and return your library books. Why ever should you be treated just the same as the thousands of other library users?! Why, you're not even in the country!" Alas, it'd get sucked into that whirlwind of hot air between his ears and just swirl around and around before flying out through the right nostril.

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Obviously he is in a place where the post office is a thing of the future.
Or he has no friends, relatives or landlord to contact to go get the book from his empty apartment and return it to the library. Poor lost abandoned soul.
Times like these try the soul.

By Blogger Nike, at 1:31 PM  

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