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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Why me?

Someone returned a book today. But since it wasn't one of ours there was consternation in the ranks.
Is it ILL? No. I checked. And since we own 5 copies of that book there was no way it would have ever been ILL'd.
So I hunt down the phone number of the university library it belongs too. Took me three tries to find a phone number for someone in the library. I foresee a big long distance bill next month. Time to update the website more often people!
It took 10 minutes to explain to the woman I finally reached out in the wilds of Utah what the problem was. I don't know maybe it was too hard to understand, but I didn't think so. I told her we got the book back, it belonged to them and we needed to know if it was lost or missing or if it was checked out to someone.
She wanted to know if I needed the mailing address. Uh-no, but thanks. I just wanted them to know we had it and if it was lost it wasn't anymore and we were sending it back. In fact it was already addressed and ready to be mailed.
She finally got it and told me who had the book. (Note to self, check library privacy policies when applying for jobs.)
I thanked her and continued on my competent way.

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Because of your diligent pursuit of the truth?

No... that's not it. Oh! Because you work in a library, you are evil and must be destroyed.

By Blogger Loki, at 1:41 PM  

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