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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Forgotten books?

Why do library patrons insist on regaling me with tales of their exploits(or not) when they come to pick up a long forgotten book?
Spring break for us has ended. Only a few days ago. So students are straggling back to pick up the items that they so desperately wanted before they headed off to the sunshiney areas of the country, like Utah. (At least according to the moron, oops I meant Mormon who hangs out here like a leech)
Anyway. Someone new to the small borrowing consortium we belong to came in and told me the whole tale of how she forgot she asked for this book before break and is just now checking her e-mail after returning from her vacation.
There was a pause. I was sort of hoping she'd fill in the blank of who she was. No, just taking a breath. Then she launched into part two saying it was a direct book and she really needed it and could I get it for her.
I was nonplussed(cause to be at a loss as to what to say, think or do) since I wasn't really sure what a direct book was.
And she still hadn't told me who she was. I suddenly realized she meant an ILL book and asked for her name. How she got direct book from ILL is beyond me. I was really hoping we had sent it back to the lending library. But no, it was on the shelf waiting for her. My one consolation is that she only has a week and a half left on the loan.
I didn't care why you hadn't picked it up before now. I don't spend hours wondering why you've left this book to languish. I rarely have that kind of time.
So tell me who you are and let me know you've got books and we can both be on our way.

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