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Friday, January 21, 2005

Whiny spoiled brats

We had a patron bugging us for the better part of this week about overdue fines on his account.
I checked his history, and saw when the fines had accrued. I sent him a firm but polite e-mail(I really don't like that policy) telling him that the fines were generated at this time because you had books out beyond the due date and did not or could not renew them. And because notices were sent, we don't forgive overdue fees, just because you whine.
Not to mention I saw that he had a pattern. Overdue books, fines, transfer the fines to his school account, then one week later we would get a note saying I didn't know about this. I can't pay this. I returned this book on time.
Ok. Once even twice I'd go with. I wouldn't like it, but it can happen. Four times in a freaking row!!!!!
Start taking responsiblity. Oh wait I forgot he's a whiny spoiled brat.
After he got my e-mail he sent one back saying I never got an e-mail. Something was wrong with the system. I won't pay for these fines. So I told on him.
Ok, I forwarded the e-mail to the boss with a note what was happening. SHE called systems and found out the little brat was lying. So there!!

And here's another kind of brat. Professor hands in a long reserve list. I get all but 2 books. Of course those are checked out. So I ask for them back. In the meantime people from the class want the books. I had 3 requests for them in 2 days. Must have been assigned reading. I tell them the books are still out. Hopefully they will be in soon. The new due date comes and goes no books. So now you are paying wildly outrageous overdue fees. 5 days later(yesterday) the guy comes in right before closing (another whole day according to the computer) to turn in the books. He ended up with $40.00 in overdue fees for 2 books. For a 'poor' grad student he sure has money to blow.

And the third brat. Let's call her Velma. (Not her name.) She's a female Nathan in some ways. A hard worker when she chooses to work. She is polite, pleasant and charming. Most of the time. She makes a good impression on authority figures.
But if you know her tricks she often makes others do her work. Over the summer the shelvers complained Velma would look for books for a little while and then say I can't find these and give them the work to do. Which of course were right where they were supposed to be.
Last night I gave her three things to do. She made a start at the first one. I went to dinner.(should have starved) when I came back she was happily typing away on her e-mail. Three shelves of books were right where they were an hour before.
I asked her how close she was to finishing. She sort of grinned and said a while. Ok, kiddies when I ask you to do something I expect it to be done within a reasonable time frame. I told her she needs to work first and not talk to her friends and do e-mail. I don't mind if you study while you are here. But e-mail to the exclusion of else is not going to get you a good recommendation when you graduate.
And she is high handed. She will tell other students what to do. (not your job, kiddie) And even try to order the staff around. (Oh yeah good idea) Part of the whole brat mentality. She is a classic spoiled rich girl. Never worked a day in her life. Mommy and Daddy still support her. The only person I ever met with a part-time job who goes overseas three times a year.

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