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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Where did the money go??

Here's a scalding hot topic for libraries - money. There are infinite articles written about it. There are miserly higher-ups who can tell you the exact cost for every little thing (For instance, did you know that it cost about $2.50 for each loose page that must be tipped in?) - but refuse to put a price on the big things? [Forget the whole electronic serials issue, b/c that is highway robbery agreed.]

I would like to know how much it costs to have those weekly meetings. Now, let's say its the reference staff meeting. There are 15 librarians attending. The meeting takes minimum 1 hour 15 minutes. Now, if you went from my measly salary and did the basic hours/wk x wks/year=Y, salary/y=X and roughly X=$17. Ok, so that's 15 librarians at $17/hr = $255. So, the library flushed about $300 (b/c its longer than 1 hour!) down the drain for a group of people to be subjected to the idiocy of the tweedle-dees. (Those would be the people in charge who are making us do the meeting). $300 x 4 wks/month=$1200 x 12 months= $14400! Now, at my last meeting we heard a lot of ramblings about nothing, and one of the tweedle-dees gave us a lovely database demo that was completely incoherent and random. Luckily we all use the database on a daily basis, so we knew all the things about it she apparently did not. [Wait, why did we have the demo? Uh-huh.]

Ok. Now, I have 4 other useless meetings every week JUST like this one, and I have the least amount of meetings of anyone. $14400 x 4= $57600. WOAH! We could get Elsevier titles for that! I wonder what it would take to reorganize and have useful, cost effective meetings... hmm. think-think. SNAP! NO tweedle-dees!! Meeting cost cut by a quarter at least and then there's salary savings!

I'm a genius. Where are my props?

I am ON to something!

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