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Friday, January 21, 2005

BUZZ! Try again.

I love it when they pull this stuff.

A patron phones the circ desk. She begins by delivering a diatribe concerning her inability to reach a live person when she phones the circ phone number. "Oh really?" I reply. In my best real-person voice. "I'll look into that. Is there something I can do for you?"She needs to renew her day loan reserve book. Sorry. No. No renewals, for those items, it must be returned.


I give the short answer. I give the long answer. There is no room for doubt, there are no exceptions.

"Ok. Then, if you can renew it for me until Tuesday I'll be able to bring it back first thing."

"If you bring it back Tuesday there will be a $20 fine."

"But I renewed it!"

"No, you did NOT renew it. There are no renewals. There are no exceptions. The computer will no allow it."

"Ok." Click.

2 hours later; the phone rings; Two of us make a dash to get it, I win.

"Hello. I need to renew my reserve book until Tuesday."

"Oh hello again. As I told you when you phoned 2 hours ago you can not renew those items."

"Eep!" Click. Dial Tone.

Now the phone is going into my office until Tuesday. Try to do an end run around me??! ha ha ha ha ha NEVER!

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