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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

High Noon at the Overdue Corral

The entryway was deserted when the combatants came into view. Wind could be heard whistling through overcrowded stacks. Salt littered the carpet. Patrons sat huddled over textbooks at table and carrels. A lonely, crumpled book receipt rolled past the circulation desk.

The Patron sidled up to the desk, her black Jansport backpack bulged, the straps stretched out all the way. Her baby-blue Columbia jacket buttoned up to her nose. The gopher head knit cap did nothing to soften the sneer upon her face.

The Librarian showed no fear as she stepped up to the counter. She planted her feet firmly in her birkenstocks and matched the sneer with her fiercest scowl.

Without hesitation the patron drew her weapon: "The computer says I have a book overdue but I returned it right after I checked it out."

The librarian wasted no time drawing her own: "Ok. When do you believe you returned the item?"

"I returned it right after I checked it out. There was a girl at the desk who had all these piles of books she was messing with. I put the book down on one of those piles when she was helping someone else." The Patron fires!

The bullet is easily dodged by the Librarian who makes a quick and thorough search of the stacks and returns fire: "The book can not be located here in the library. Until it is located it must remain on your account. Are you sure that you returned this book, and not one with a similar title?"

Hit! The Patron staggers back from the blow. She has no more ammunition. Admitting defeat, the Patron stomps out of the library with a toss of her hair and a "Uh!" under her breath.

The Librarian has little time to savor her victory, for she knows there will be others. She must remain ever vigilant, one hand on her barcode reader at all times.

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One small victory for that librarian means one less victory for the irresponsible patrons. Savor it. It is sweet.

By Blogger Nike, at 4:16 PM  

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