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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fleeting happiness?

I got joyous news this week. It might be only temporary, but I have learned to take joy where it is found.
Dr. Nathan, as you know is back. But he called with a problem. He won't be able to work his daytime shift. He has no problem working weekends, but working in the morning and afternoons during the week is too hard for him.
A rule we have here is everyone who works nights or weekends needs to work a weekday shift with her.
Dr. Nathan got away with it last year because he did technically work a daytime shift. But he only wanted to work weekends this year.
HA! He needs too much supervision to do that. Which we all know.
So he was told he could work on the weekends only if he worked a daytime shift. He agreed.
Then this week he called and said he couldn't work his scheduled shift. Apparently he just HAS to take this class and it's only offered during his shift.
I want to know when he's out of here and when I can do the "Hooray You're fired happy dance"
But it's not this week alas. The boss is confident she will be able to work something out. She announced that she wasn't hiring anyone else this year.
I know enough that you NEVER tempt the universe like that. So there is hope. Although karma is sneaky. I might have to wait a while.

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