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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stupid idiotic #&%*# new professor

We've got a whole bunch of new professors here at my venerated institution. They drive me crazy for many reasons. Here are a few. You have to be extra nice to them from the very beginning.
Very often they have an overinflated sense of their own importance. Which means they don't introduce themselves to you and you are expected to just know who they are.
They turn things in very late, if at all. And are shocked and horrified that we don't do things the way their old university used to.
But the main reason new professors drive me crazy is reserves. (Now who out there is shocked at this. Come on. Be honest.)
Here is an example.
Two e-mails come in from the newest professor for his fall classes. First of all he sent duplicate e-mails. Got the same info twice. Just in case I missed it the first time I guess.
He has all his books listed, with how long a reserve time he wants them for. We've got titles, and in some cases authors. (So far it SOUNDS good.) But wait for it.
No call numbers. No years or editions. In two cases the books aren't owned by the library. In one other case the book he wants has been missing for 3 years.
And in all cases the books he wants for reserve belong to another departmental library.
So not only did the guy not do his research and look on our catalog, he has no idea how this whole reserve system works.
He could have put all the books on reserve at the library they live at. Several other professors do that with no problems at all. Because most of the students who would take this particular class spend most of their time there anyway.
Where is my taser gun when I need it?

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