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Friday, February 17, 2006

New horizons, same old idiots

I am bettering myself this semester, yet again. This time no on-line classes with wine and music. Oh woe.
This is a class that is offered by my work that they happily agreed, nay, insisted that I take.
It's a fun library class. (Okay that sounds like an oxymoron) But it is really.
Mostly because I know most of the answers. But there are problems.
My fellow classmates oh so lively.
In a two and a half hour class the five of them can maybe string 2 sentences together.
Maybe I am too hard on them. Maybe they are stupid and really don't know the answers. But when they offer multiple choices you can just pick one.
And this week one of my classmates (Mr. C. for clueless) came in and started to ask me all sorts of questions about the homework. Where do you find this database? Where did you find the answer to number 3? Show me how to use the internet again.
I showed him the links that the assignment gave us and told him how to use the OPAC and even gave pointers. But that's not good enough. He wanted me to actually do his assignment for him. Oh he didn't say that. But after 20 minutes of the same questions like What database did you use? And what was your answer to this? And my personal favorite--"Show me how to get to the New York Times" I refused.
Okay, I get paid to know this stuff. And yes I am expected to help patrons with questions. But if you are taking a class on how to use the library you should actually make an effort to USE the library!!!!!!

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