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Monday, February 06, 2006

Student woes

I am missing something here. We had to hire a new student because one of the good ones(why do they always go MIA?) had to stop working.
This new student, while cheerful and an industrious scholar, has little clue about working.
Case in point. She(let's call her Stripes after her hair style) has yet to finish filling out her paperwork. Stripes has worked here without getting paid for 3 weeks now. While that's good for us budget-wise, the red tapers don't like that.
Every time she comes in she asks another question about her paperwork. It's not hard! Fill it out, bring it in the next day and if you have questions ask them then!
And when you tell her that the AA will be in the next day to process her forms she disappears for a week.

Dr. Nathan needs a lesson in body language. Picture it. The circ desk, last week. Here he is sitting at the circ desk 'working' but he is actually hunched over his book. He's practically in the fetal position. With all due apologies to turtles that's what he reminded me of.
Then someone comes up to the desk wanting help. Dr. N. doesn't even see him. This is not good customer service. The guy waits for a minute or two before actually speaking up.
Which shocked the hell out of our resident moron.
He has two extremes. The first is fetal position studying(which can't be good for your back) where he pretty much ignores everyone in an attempt to look studious, and the other is verbal diarrhea, where we get to hear about his career plans, life before here, his family problems or whatever ad nauseum.
I much prefer fetal position studying.

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