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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Security gaffes

Why me!?
I was looking forward to a nice quiet day back at the library. No such luck. The security people screwed up and didn't unlock the doors today. So my student called me at home saying I can't get in. When I got here early(I want points for that!) there were at least a dozen people waiting to get in. My keys and codes wouldn't work. On any door. So I had to find someone who had security's number to call them and let them know they missed one library. We finally opened an hour later.
Oh and they didn't adjust the alarm. So it rearms itself every hour.
Nice. That's fun.
And to top this all off with a cherry, stupid hair guy appeared. He wanted to know why we weren't open and when he could get in. He didn't bother to look at the other 12 people waiting to get in. I finally told him he was going to have to wait just like everyone else.
Yes, this was part of an evil plot to keep you from graduating. Sheesh.

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