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Friday, November 04, 2005

Return of the stupid hair guy

Stupid hair means you are stupid. There is no other reasonable explanation.
The stupid hair guy is back and testing my control. He did this by repeatedly ringing the bell. He rang the bell six times in less than a minute. Since I was standing there waiting to help him he wasn't trying to get my attention. He also knows my policy about dismemberment and the bell.
I seriously thought about killing him(hey it's been a bad week),but there were witnesses. And I would have had to clean off the brains and blood and stuff off the computer screens.
So I did what any parent would do confronted with an unruly and obnoxious child. I took his toy away from him.
He didn't even pretend to be sorry. I KNOW he thought it funny.
Besides putting your life at risk, you disturbed everyone else in earshot. Do you really want an angry horde of paper writing and exam studying students pissed off at you?
No frigging common sense whatsoever. Not to mention any manners.

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