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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Where are they coming from!?

We had a real prize in here. So you can have a mental photo he was skinny and about 5 feet 6. With a comb-over. A sour expression on his face that must have been sand blasted on.
He was looking for a book. It was an old call number that we don't use anymore. He did recognize that it wasn't a Library of Congress number but he still didn't know where it was. So he tells me, I can't find this book.
I look at it and say Hmm, it doesn't look like one of ours. Oh yes it is! You have to find it for me. It says it's here. So I look at the online catalog and discover that the item is restricted and not even in our library. I explain that because of it's age and subject matter we have sent it away for storage and protection and you have to use it within our library. This guy wants me to send it to another library altogether for his use. So I tell him AGAIN that it can only be used here because it's old and fragile and of particular interest to us.
He tells me that it's not a valuable book. Actually what he said was It's on sale at Amazon for $20.00. So what are you doing bothering me for dummy!
I mention to him again that we think it is a valuable book and we'd like to keep it as long as possible.
So he draws himself up and sneers at me. I am a curator of a library, you don't have to explain that to me.
Your own collection of books doesn't count as a library. And since I explained it three times I DID have to explain it to you. Or maybe you meant I didn't have to explain it a FOURTH time.

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That's hilarious!! Libraries don't have curators, dumbass. I feel your pain - the stupids are out in force here, too.

Tiny Librarian

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