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Friday, September 16, 2005

Be afraid, be very afraid

Yet another library that has made it to the "what the hell were you thinking?!" list that I keep for ILL.
This time it's from Down Under. A library from a major city in Australia sent back a book that they had borrowed on ILL. Now to give them points the book was returned WAY before the due date. That's worth about 25 points in my book. Also all the paperwork was included. That's 10. So a total of 35 points. I sometimes add 'cool' points if it's an interesting book or from an exotic place like Tahiti. But none here.
All right now on the debit side. They used a RUBBER BAND on this poor defenceless book. What DUMBASS is in charge down there!?
Take away 15 points for that. So we're down to 20 points.
Next they have sent this book to the wrong address. This happens a lot. I don't get a lot of requests, but I get a lot of returns. Which is why I take away points. Normally I would only take a few points away from them if they sent it to me and it was going to another branch of our library. A max of 10. (Okay 15 if you are from Utah. But that's different. They're always wrong.)
But this book is coming all the way from Australia. And it is going to the nameless university in Pennsylvania that is also on my list. How hard was it to aim it a little closer to it's final destination? I suppose I should give them points for getting it to the right continent. Okay a half a point for that. So we are now up to 20.5 points.
The state that I live in is not close to Pennsylvania. It's not next to it or a quick drive in the car. So for that I take away 50 points. So those of you keeping score it's now -30.5 points for Australia ILL.
It's not a huge total to overcome. Let's see who rises to the challenge to erase the debt and restore my trust.

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