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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Idiot Central

I have located the source of all idiots. It seems to be the main library on my campus.


"Hello, this is Loki from the 'excellently run by yours truly, but still a crappy place' library. I have a faculty with an ID that the system has recently expired."
"Ok. Can you give me his ID number?"...... "The problem is, his ID is expired."
"Uhhh, YEAH, that IS why I've called you."
.... "Ok, I've fixed his ID in the system. Anytime that an ID is expired, a person won't be able to check things out."

Oh for the LOVE of God.

"Hello, this is Loki from the 'still run good, but shitty place none the less' library. I have a student will an ILL book that is on your hold shelf. Would you guys be able to send it to my library for the student to pick up?"
"Hold on." Click. Click. Transfer. "Hello, Dumbass central."
Thank you SO much for 1. Not informing me I'm being transferred, and 2. Not repeating my information for me so I don't' have to do it again!
"blah blah blah repeat exactly".
"Ok, can you give me their name?".... "Hello? This book is an Ill."

Holy crap. Such Complete. And. Utter. Morons.

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