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Monday, September 05, 2005

Online classes

I was never a huge fan of on-line classes. The impersonal venue,(new word, look it up!) the extra expense(they charge more for online classes at my university, highway robbery in my opinion), and the fact that there weren't a lot of on topic and interesting tangents where you really could learn something new. And idiot teachers. I have done on-line classes where the prof couldn't even spell.
Oh don't get me wrong, I can see the advantages. Don't have to deal with traffic, bad weather, idiots in class scaring you s*itless, and making your own schedule.
But I have to say I am becoming a bigger fan nowadays. I just completed two assignments sitting at my computer with a glass of wine(okay 2) at my side, and listening to my favorite music that was downloaded from the internet. Try doing that in a classroom! Not to mention going to class in my pajamas. I am thinking this is pretty good. Now if I only had my textbook and actually did the reading for last week.(I signed up late. So sue me.)

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I LOVED online classes. I wasn't subjected to an inderminable amount of inane lecturing and insipid questions by people who didn't understand the reading or what the heck the class is about. You get to skip posts from those people whom you quickly discover are going to tell you every little thing about everything-including their lives AND if you finish reading the posted lecture/discussion in 10 minutes, well then you get to be DONE. It is totally killer trying to stay awake in boring classes... of which there are a surprising amount in library school.

Drink up girlfriend!

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