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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

If this happened to me...

I'd get in trouble.
I was re-teaching the boss how to use the ILL software. Yes, I do this every time I am planning a vacation.
She gets on this ILL kick because I won't be here for three days or whatever and she doesn't remember how to do the requests. "Nike, we have to do some ILL together. Nike, save a few borrows for me."
She'll say this on a Monday and I'll remind her until say Thursday and then she begs off. I don't have time she says. She would if she didn't worry about her dog, her husband, her neighbors, their boats, and various other non-work related people and errands.
So I have to do a rush request on this poor bastard's item that should have been done 4 days ago.
And when she does get around to actually doing a request she doesn't finish them. She does the first part. Searching and printing. She makes me go get the requests and mail them out. When you said you wanted to re-learn it I thought you meant the whole thing.
And because she doesn't like the fact that I hand print the one overseas label(gotta have a label if it's overseas) she goes on a mini-rampage on how it needs to be typed and how in 25 years of working here she never hand printed anything and that's how it has to be done.
You would think that she's a stickler for the rules after the label thing. But no, she likes to enforce them, but doesn't follow them. I can't even think of sending a Borrowing request without 5 potential lenders in the request. But no not her. Oh, two lenders are enough. No not really.
I don't need to use 5 lenders she said. If I did that, invariably the thing comes back unfilled and the patron asks why since so and so library has it and will lend it.
Hopefully the pattern will hold.

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