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Friday, June 03, 2005


Why ask me for help if you don't intend to take my advice? This patron asked me 2 questions. One how to get to the stacks. A visitor, so I was nice in giving directions. Actually I was nice throughout the entire conversation. Hmm.
Second question she wanted to know if we had Philosophy journals. She asked for 'survey journals'. Whatever the hell that meant.
I told her we did, but to narrow it down she'd have to use the catalog. I told her that 4 times in the 10 minute conversation. She asked me then how they are organized(the journals) I told her they use LC classification. She said so I can just look through them in the stacks? If you want, but you'd be here forever. She knew enough about LC to say then the journal would be under P right? Maybe. Unless the title is The JOURNAL of Philosophy, or A Survey or Review. Then J or S or R something.
She didn't get it. Then she wanted the current one. I told her AGAIN to use the catalog to see if the edition she wanted was here on the shelves. That's why we have it. Oh and an exact title would have helped.
By the end of the 'help' session, I wanted to advise her not to reproduce. But I don't think she would have taken that advice either.

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