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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Faculty=The. Worst.

B/c of course, if you are a faculty member you are infallible. You never do anything wrong, strange, or completely incomprehensible.

Had a call from such this morning. He has 2 editions of the same book on his account that are overdue. Apparently there is NO way he'd check out 2 editions of the same book. "Why would I do that?" He asked repeatedly with increasing hostility. I don't know buddy, but you people do it ALL the time. Every time I ask myself "Why do they do that?"

"Its a mistake." He says again and again. Sigh. I look it up. Both books were checked out at the exact same minute 3 years ago. "Well, see, there! That's the mistake. I'd never check out 2 editions of the same book at the same time."

"I understand sir, but the only way this book would show up on your account is if in that 60 seconds someone else came up with the other book to check out and your patron info hadn't been cleared. Do you know the odds of something like that happening?" It is so infinitesimal as to be impossible.

He probably thinks a staff member looked up the other edition and just went ahead and manually typed in the barcode. I wish he would have called about the stupid books 2 years ago or even 1 year ago when I wasn't here. Why renew it 5x and call 3 years later? ARGH!

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