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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Student worker shenanigans

Now that the semester winds down I have a moment to reflect back upon some of the delightful antics of my student workers:

Talking on the cell phone.
Excusing themselves from helping someone to talk on their cell phone.
Telling a patron "In a minute" as they finish their level on a computer game.
Wearing headphones.
Sitting on the floor so as not to be bothered while they study.
Not doing work b/c Joe didn't do any work.
Closing the library early b/c they had 'somewhere to be'.
Asking for pay raises at the close of each semester.
Responding with "Sure!" to the question "Can you tell me who has this book checked out?"
Eating Chinese food at the desk. With chopsticks.
Sewing a dress at the desk.
And the ever popular... sleeping at the desk.

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