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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Deepest sympathies

To all my brothers and sisters in arms in the library world you have my deep sympathy.
I now know what you go through every frickin' day. Admittedly I had a small taste of it. But that was more than enough.
First of all the 8 year old that eats in the library, runs up and down, shouts, and generally annoys everyone. (Her favorite thing is our battery operated pencil sharpener.) I swear she breaks pencils on purpose to bring them in and sharpen them for 10 minutes straight.
Today she stood at the door and yanked on it (we were closing) until someone let her in. We have to have a little chat with Mom. No pre-teens in our library without parental supervision.
Second the idiot Mormon, who apparently believes that all rules don't apply to him. And I am NOT apologizing for offending any and all Mormons out there EVER. At this point I am never setting foot in the state of Utah. But I digress. That's another day.
Today the MORON was using our phones for his own personal use. I guess he decided that since we wouldn't let him use a cell phone in the library we could pay for his calls. Get your own computer, your own phone line, and your own tv, JERK. I pointed out to him(nicely) that we don't allow patrons to use our phones. Standard library policy. His answer. "It's not long distance." No shit. You need a code for that, genius. Doesn't change the fact that we are not the phone company!!!!!
I will find a number for you, I will allow you to use our phone books, but when you sit at the computer booking a vacation talking to the pug dog woman(check the archives) then you have crossed the line.
They keep telling me we aren't library police. No, we need something along the lines of library KGB.

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