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Monday, January 31, 2005

Just bring us any old library book.

Once again, a patron has returned a public library book here at a college library. They are darned lucky that if we send the book off to our central mail room, there are materials there that make their way to the public library system mail room. So eventually the book will make its way home. The last time someone did this they called us up about 4 days after the return and wanted to know why we hadn't discharged the book from his record!
"Uh, because its a public library book. We are not affiliated with them. You can't return their books to us."
"Well why didn't you tell me?!"
"First of all, because you put the book in the book return and we didn't know you were doing it. Second, we have no idea who you are!"
"Well, why didn't you hold onto the book until I came back for it?"
"Again, we didn't know who you were or if you were coming back."
"Well now the book is overdue and I'm not paying the fines."
"I'm afraid that's your problem with the public library."
"Can you call them for me?"
"No." I'm afraid I hope that they stick you with a motherload of fines.

What's worse? A collegue here said she has actually driven the books over to the public library in the past. I sure as hell didn't let her do that! In no way am I going to enable moronity! They should thank their bloody lucky stars we returned the damn book at all.

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H-E-L-L-O what does returning a library book have to do with this??! Ridiculous. My Ire is TOTALLY up!

By Blogger Loki, at 7:57 AM  

Ok, deleted 3 more spam. What the heck is it with this post??

deleted: dog breeding, free cell phone, and something about a "dachshund".

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