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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Reserve issues

Let's hear it for reserves. BOOOO!
Well, not really. I don't hate them. I am more indifferent to reserve lists.
Except when the professors hand them in after classes start. THEN I hate them.

Today someone came to the desk with a book that had been recalled for a reserve list and wanted to know who has recalled it. She said if it was for next semester she would be really aggravated.
I'm sure the person who needed it thought that you hanging on to it for 2 weeks out of spite probably was a little pissed too.

A lot of students have a hard time giving up recalled books. Especially for reserve lists. I have 1 week before the semester starts to actually do all the reserve lists. Guess what guys, I don't care how aggravated you get.
I'd rather you yell at me, than the professors.
Especially since when the semester does start I get both the professors and the students who want to know why this book or that cd isn't on reserve yet.

My favorite is when professors 'forget' to give us the list and hand it to the students first. Then the first chance the students get they ask for all the books on the syllabus and then hang on to them for as long as possible. Usually about three weeks into the semester they appear on our shelves.

I like checking the hold shelf and pulling off the recalled reserve books and cancelling the student holds. It makes me happy. And no one can complain because it is for a larger audience. They knew this was going on reserve so it's not like it was unexpected.
They do complain though. Amazing. They have this idea that all my books are there for their personal use and abuse. HA! Silly students.

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