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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The return of the stupid stick

BAM BAM BAM! Hear that? That's me beating the hell out of our last patron.
This person is doing some research and wants to know the most recent edition of a reference book that we hold.
Because according to her our catalog is wrong. We have obviously made a great and terrible error in not ordering the most recent volume. Which it turns out is essential to her paper.
So not only does this person want us to go and personally check each volume for the 'correct' edition and report back to her RIGHT NOW, she wants us to order the newest volumes of the newest edition(which aren't even published yet)
Okay, if you aren't in the state sure. We can look. Hey, I will even send you copies of the pages you need via ILL. But it turns out this tool could have just as easily walked into the library and looked it up herself and spared everyone this anguish. She's a student here. She was probably calling on her cell phone outside the library doors.

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