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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy frigging Tuesday

So here we are the day after a holiday weekend. The front door doesn't work. No way can I stand to listen to people yanking on the door all day. We even put up a sign. Does it work? Yeah right.
So I ask if anyone has called security to have it fixed. Hard to fix something if you don't know it's broken. Sigh. So let's see, I've been here 20 minutes. Maybe?
So I call and leave a voice mail to the fix-it guy. Hopefully he'll come when he promised.

Freak 1 has a new job. I got all excited when I read the e-mail. Until I came to the part where she wasn't actually leaving the library. She's just moving to a new position upstairs instead of tucked away in the stacks like before. Great.

And I know it's the day after a holiday, when I look around and see books to check in, a book drop to empty, a lost list to look for, and a cart to discharge and the student is sitting there firing off e-mail after e-mail. She needs a swift kick. Which I administered. She popped out of her little world to say she wasn't finished with her first project. Uh hello?I didn't actually ask why she was doing e-mail then. Felt like it. I did have to ask her twice to empty the book drop.

And then this idiot dropped by to whine about a missing book. I'll lay even money that it is right where it's supposed to be. Since the last time anyone used it was in April. Damn lazy #&*!.
Damn I need a vacation. This day has lasted 12 hours already.

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You know, I do believe I almost dislike holidays. I'd rather work that one day then get all the crazies that inevitably show up the day after a holiday.

Yesterday was The. Worst. It wasn't even good stuff, just annoying little bus riders coming in and giving me a great big headache. (But then later I went drinking and I felt much better last night. :)

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