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Sunday, December 12, 2004


There are a few co-workers in my library who are, well, unfit for work. One example is a woman who works in the cataloging department. She's more teenager than adult. She still has a teeny bopper high school attitude. She keeps action figures and stuffed animals in her cubicle. (She's in her 30's.) She wears skimpy clothes such as tank tops (not a good choice for her body type) Another characteristic is she shouts. She gets all excited and goes on and on at top volume. Yeah, you want that at a staff meeting.

And the main ire raising point is she is less than precise when she has to deal with other people on staff. I asked her to bring two books to the circulation desk. It took two e-mails and three days for her to reply to me. She told me she didn't have them and would have to to look for them. It might have been a good idea to do it two days earlier. When I actually asked for them.
I wasn't asking just to annoy her(although that was a bonus.) When I asked which book she had to look for she couldn't tell me. Just said one and the other. Catalogers are supposed to be detail-oriented. That's the whole point of the job.

Another co-worker is different. She spent some time off on medical leave. I suspect she spent time in the wacko ward of the nearest hospital.
Also a cataloger. Hmm. I am seeing a pattern. Although she does do the job faster and better than the other woman. She is detail-oriented. Almost obsessively so. She reminds me a little of Kramer from Seinfeld. All that twitching and rambling. It's not as funny up close.

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