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Monday, November 15, 2004


Is the library department you end up working in predetermined by your sex and personality?

I've worked at 2 large academic library systems now and I've noticed a few things: Serials Librarians are always men, the majority of the Reference staff will have NO personality, Circulation Librarians usually dress the poorest, and the 2nd in command of a library is usually a weaselly, spineless bastard. Now, you can certainly argue these statements - for example that a circulation librarian isn't dressed badly, just more casually or with clothes that are more worn (probably because they make the least on staff); that the Assistant Director isn't weaselly at all, he really didn't mean to lay all the blame on you for his mistakes, it just came out wrong when he brought it up in front the entire staff; the serials librarian is legally classed as a male, but is more woman than that reference broad! I'd like to see some research done on these sorts of topics. Just think of all the time, expense, and worry that could be saved for incoming library students; no longer would they have to waffle about what courses they should take, which type of library they want to work at, which department. With the appropriate research and statistics, schools would be able to hand out career assignments with admissions letters!

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While predestination is tricky(look at all the trouble Calvin caused) it would make life easier. For me it would eliminate the need to take classes with the idiotic professors and not have to listen to the same question being asked every week.
Another thing is why they let in the nuts and screw-ups in library school. I was in a class with someone who was on the third career. Hello? If you couldn't make a success of the first 2 why would you try one that requires you to think?

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